Studying English Literature takes us on journeys to other worlds and cultures as well as to that of our own. Through literature, we learn and experience great human truths and dilemmas played out. Through insights into the minds, lives, thoughts and characters of others, we can develop empathy and ask searching questions, as well as learn about history and our place in it. As such, we believe Literature holds a very important space within our curriculum at WAVE and seek every opportunity to explore books with our classes- and for older students, study for the GCSE in English Literature. 

Here are some useful links to study resources for the AQA GCSE depending on which books you may be studying in class.

Writing and Analysing Poetry

Using Quotations and Textual References


An Inspector Calls

A Christmas Carol

At Key Stage 3, AQA have issued this resource booklet for introducing 19th Century Literature:

AQA 19th Century Literature at Key Stage 3 pdf