Referrals to Wave are made through the pupil placement panel. Referrals Forms

Please contact the academy secretary to discuss referral at your local academy.

When considering the placement of pupils into an academy, the panel must consider not only the appropriateness of the placement for the pupil referred but also the effect the placement will have on the wider group. The decision of the academy Headteacher as to the suitability of the placement in their academy will be the determining factor over placement in any particular academy.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Multi Academy Trust will ensure that the MAT meets its obligations in discharging the Local Authority’s statutory duties with regard to Section 19 of the 1986 Education act (the full time education of permanently excluded, medical and other pupils).

Wave academies are not an alternative to special schools for pupils with statements of SEN. They are a mainstream provision able to offer intervention and assessment placements for pupils with statements whose behaviour is preventing them from succeeding in a mainstream setting.