Anna Freud Family School

We work closely with the Anna Freud Family School in London, staff across Wave have received training and resources directly from the Family School. In January 2019 we piloted a Parent Coaching for Pupil Progress programme. This was a DfE funded project which we were selected to pilot by the Anna Freud Family School. The programme invites parents/carers into academies for one session per week over a course of 10 weeks. Each session has a different focus including executive function skills and the nurtured heart. Each week parents also carry out 1:1 literacy sessions with their child, as well as separate classroom observations.

The programme has supported us in encouraging parents to become involved in their child’s education and behaviour support. The overarching aim of the project is for children to make improvements to facilitate reintegration back to a mainstream setting. This project has enabled us to share learning and best practice with other Alternative Provision settings across the country. The data from our cohorts shows progression in all pupils involved in both English and Maths.

As part of the project, Restormel Academy has received a Smart Gym Cardio Wall and Fit Lights which are used by pupils, staff and parents/carers. The Cardio Wall has a number of different games that can be freely selected and they work on physical exertion and mental alertness. The Cardio Wall permits behavioural and cognitive improvements which underpin the six core life skills. These skills are trust, resilience, motivation, communication, wellbeing and coordination. As well as these six core skills there are also improvements in hand-eye coordination, core strength, balance and stamina.

Quote from parent following the first cohort:

'The parent group is where we learn together.  It is a support group which makes us realise that we are not the only ones who are having to cope and manage difficult behaviour.  It’s not like other parenting groups which make us feel we have failed.  It shows that we’re supporting our child through difficult times. 

We feel that it helps our relationship with school.  We all work together and it feels like an extended family.  We feel cared for as well as our child.

We like the fact that we can see our child in his school environment.  He likes us to come.

Do come and join us and help us to build a good relationship with your child and the school.  We look forward to coming to the group.'