Take talented young writers from nine Wave academies across Cornwall and Devon.  Give each academy a picture to spark their imagination and ask them to write a section of a story and then pass it on to the next academy.  The result – three incredible ‘Chain Stories’ which are funny, exciting, chilling and, above all, BRILLIANT to read. 

Led by Wave Trust teacher and Raising Standards for English Leader, Lucy Holloway, the Chain Story project was one of a series of events held at Wave Trust settings to mark ‘World Book Day.’

“While every day at Wave is 'Book Day' as we champion and celebrate reading throughout the year in our classrooms and beyond, we wanted to do something special for this year’s World Book Day” said Lucy.

“Starting with a picture as a prompt, we challenged our academy’s to write a section of the text (opening, development, climax and resolution) before passing it on to the next group of writers and their English teacher.  The results were amazing - where the stories began was rarely where we anticipated they would end up!”  

Nine Wave Alternative Provision academies took part in the Chain Story project: CHES, Restormel and North Cornwall in Cornwall, and River Dart, Stansfield, Torlands and Shoreline in Devon, together with Sowenna.

The first chain story, based on the picture prompt of a message in a bottle, sailed its way through Devon and Cornwall English classrooms at CHES and Sowenna, resulting in a fantastic story all about a pirate treasure map. You can read the final story here:

The second chain story was based around a picture of a sphere. Written by pupils at CHES, Stansfield, River Dart and Torlands with their English teacher, The Sphere takes people who touch it on a series of fantastic journeys. You can read it here  

The third chain story, inspired by an image of an open door in a forest, and written by pupils at CHES, North Cornwall, Restormel and Shoreline with their teachers, takes people through The Door into the unknown…… Check it out here  .

We are so proud of all our imaginative creative writers at Wave and their teachers.” said Lucy. “Through taking part in this special project, pupils were motivated to create and be part of something reaching beyond their classroom, and be inspired by their teachers' skills in 'live writing' together.”  

“Knowing their work and ideas are valued and would be published, as well as that others were counting on them to carry the story forward, really brought a fantastic synergy to the project. Pupils wanted to read the final stories they had a stake in creating.”

And what about the pupils and teachers who were involved in creating the stories:

"When we wrote the opening to the story, I didn't think it would end up where it has. But that ending is way better!" said one pupil, while another added "When can we see the final version. I want to read it??" 

The teachers were also full of enthusiasm for the project. Nesia, English Lead at Stansfield Academy said “The pupils and I had fun adding to the story”; Catherine, Teacher at Torlands Academy said We really enjoyed it! A very worthwhile activity. ...It really helped with identifying what elements a story needs to engage so hopefully that will add to their own creations" .  Carole, English Lead at Restormel Academy added “My pupil asked me today what the finished story looked like. Love the ending.” while Polly, English Lead at North Cornwall Academy reported pupils ‘buzzing’ to see their writing in print.