Governance is a vital part of our Trust and is committed to enabling pupils to achieve in all areas.

Wave Multi Academy Trust is committed to enabling pupils to achieve in all areas.  A vital part of ensuring this is outstanding governance, and as such we are committed as a Trust to ensuring that the whole is stronger than the sum of the parts. 

We do this by working collaboratively across the Trust and ensuring that we are held, and hold ourselves accountable to a very high standard.  The structures and functions of governance are vital in ensuring that pupils are kept safe and make progress both academically, socially and emotionally and that the Trust provides good value for money.

The Trust board is made up of an independent Chair, a school representative, and Trustees. The Board Trustees have collective expertise in many areas including: strategic governance in education, business, finance, managing change in education, school improvement, safeguarding, HR, and Law.

We intend to:

  • Provide ethical leadership
  • Ensure that all monitoring is based on our vision and values
  • Establish effective efficacy
  • Support systems leadership
  • Monitor, support, challenge and where needed, intervene
  • Provide scalable collective school improvement

We aim to implement this by:

  • Ensuring that monitoring is provided by internal and external partners
  • Continue to develop a collaborative culture
  • Manage resources strategically
  • Have diarised, clear processes in place for monitoring
  • Ensuring data is real time, intelligent and informed

The impact of this will:

  • Ensure that we provide a quality service
  • Ensure that there is a continued improvement agenda
  • Further develop collective ownership and partner working
  • Allow for continuous talent spotting to take place
  • Inform Trust CPD needs
  • Ensure equity and efficiency
  • Support positive outcomes for all of our pupils

Mechanisms may include:

  • Internal monitoring
  • External monitoring
  • Dashboard meetings
  • Peer-to-peer evaluation meetings
  • Pupil progress meetings
  • Subject monitoring and audits
  • Self-Evaluation
  • Observations/ learning works/ book and marking scrutiny
  • Safeguarding audits
  • Stakeholder questionnaires
  • Monitoring Hub meetings and Board meetings
  • Class Based Pupil Assessment
  • Monitoring Hub Visits
  • DfE Educational Expert Visits
  • External pupil based assessments

Wave Monitoring Hubs

Wave has established five Monitoring Hubs acting across Devon and Cornwall:

  • Cornwall West: Nine Maidens Academy, Penwith Academy
  • Cornwall East: Caradon Academy, North Cornwall Academy, Restormel Academy
  • Devon: River Dart Academy, Stansfield Academy, The Shoreline Academy
  • Medical Cornwall: CHES Academy, Sowenna
  • Medical Devon: Torlands
  • Special: Glendinning Academy

The Monitoring Hubs are comprised of volunteers, known as Representatives, from partner organisations alongside Senior Trust Leaders.  Each of the Monitoring Hubs is also ‘adopted’ by at least one Trustee.

The purpose of the Monitoring Hubs is to provide support and challenge at a local level, specifically in regard to quality of education, safeguarding and to monitor key performance indicators whilst acting as a critical friend to the Principals/Heads of School. 

The Monitoring Hubs report directly to the Board of Trustees and the Quality, Safeguarding & Standards Committee.  They act strategically to ensure that pupils receive a high quality of education in a safe and secure environment.

Please click on the link below for Wave's CEO, Rob Gasson's introduction to the Monitoring Hubs:

Our Members

  • Debbie Brewster
  • Matt Hocking
  • Christian Jenkins 
  • Brenda McHugh

Our Trustees

  • Justin Day - Chair, Whistleblowing Trustee
  • Richard Thain – Vice Chair
  • Chris Challis- Safeguarding Trustee
  • Sandy Chapman
  • Clare Kendle - SEND Trustee, Careers Trustee
  • Lisa Mannall
  • Mark Blackman
  • Laura Sabine
  • Abimbola Adeleya


Our Governance Structure


The Trust’s Funding Agreement and other key Governance Documents can all be found at Governance - Wave MAT