At Wave Trust, we reflect the National Picture of provision for Physical Education in Alternative Provision. Often (but not always): Lack of facility; space; expertise; team sports; the many hats of the AP teacher and lack of PE specialism;  perceptions and attitudes carried over from previous experiences in school...

And we equally know the power of physical literacy; the joy and freedom of movement; the leadership and self direction that sports enable. 

To play is to be human, after all. 

The difficulties and challenges of PE in Alternative Provision is captured so resolutely in this report. 

We know it. We see it. We feel it. Across our 11 schools, we see sector leading provision- for example, in Martial Arts, and Primary swimming. We also have Academies with no outside space or timetabled PE, yet. And where attempts to use public shared facility can be difficult.  Barriers are real; and what works 'somewhere' does not work 'everywhere'. Another truth to acknowledge before brandishing glib solutions. We 'own' the problem. 

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But what do we do about it? This is what matters. 

Sit that powerful research report on a shelf, and we are nowhere. Reach out; talk; bring minds to the table; listen; think; trial and test new approaches; get pupils involved; get the National Governing Bodies of Sport involved...

...through the voice, presence and shared determination of Youth Sport Trust (for whose enthusiasm and desire to learn together with us at Wave Trust is difference making) ..we are determined to learn together, and as we move forward, and again with the wider AP sector. 

We are working with YST at a Publishable Action Research Response, with Leeds Beckett University and Loughborough University over the next 2 years at least. A response from which we hope the wider sector at all levels  can learn. As well as our Trust, from the wider sector. 

And already we are moving...

We have appointed a PE Lead; we've established and are growing a PE network of teachers (often with multiple hats and not specialists) across our 11 schools in the South West...we are engaging pupil voice...we are planning -with the dynamic voice of YST- our first 'Round Table' event with Governing Bodies of at least 3 key Sporting disciplines, keen to reach out. We are extending our networks and horizons.  We are grateful. And we share a duty, and passion. Engagement in sport. For all. For societies marginalised. We will reach to the edges when we truly collaborate. 

The solution to a life enhancing equitable offer of  PE in Alternative Provision isn't a quick fix, in a magic wand. It's in the magic of all of us at the table. 

For more information or to connect with this project as we move forward, or our PE network, please contact us. And watch this space...


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