English at WAVE

Last week was World Book Day. If you haven't seen the WBD website, it's certainly worth a look as a great source of inspiration.

World Book Day website

Lots of podcasts from successful authors talking about creating character; empathy; the writing experience as well as sometimes their own struggles at school and as writers. WAVE APs celebrated in many ways, and encouraging reading and creativity is of course something we aim to do each and everyday, not just on ONE day a year. To celebrate and give opportunity to our great student writers within Medical AP, and join collectively our new centres across the county including Torlands and Sowenna, we ran our first ever 'CHAIN STORY'. Teachers and classes each took a section of the story as follows, writing their section together before sending on to the next group:

We have developed our curriculum statement for English collectively at WAVE across all our academies, shaping our offer so that it meets the needs of our learners and is ambitious in aim and outcomes...