One good turn deserves another….’thank you gift’ results in brand new skateboard for Fin

8  February 2021

When Wave Trust teacher Will Harper-Penrose posted a message on social media highlighting a ‘thank you’ gift of a copy of a new skateboarding magazine he had received from one of his pupils, he did not expect the magazine to comment, let alone follow it up with an offer of a brand new skateboard for the youngster.

Today however 14 year old Fin, a pupil at Carrick Academy, was presented with a brand new skateboard deck – courtesy of The Skateboarders Companion - by Will and Carrick Academy Principal Ryan Brokenshire.

Will currently works with a small group of 12 to 14 year old pupils at Carrick Academy, all of whom are keen skateboarders.  As well as visiting skateboard parks across Cornwall, the group has also been designing and painting a pyramid rail and their own decks.

Although Fin, a recent arrival at Carrick, is also an enthusiastic skateboarder -“he lives for skateboarding” laughed Will - he did not have his own board.  After using a few parts salvaged from one of his old skateboards, Will managed to find enough material to build him a set up.

“He was over the moon when I gave him the skateboard” said Will.  At the time, the group had been discussing the recent publication of a brand new UK skateboarding magazine titled The Skateboarder’s Companion and the following day Fin arrived in school with a copy of the first edition which he had picked up at in a local skateboarding store as a thank you present for Will.   

“He did not make a big thing of it – just put it on my desk and said, ‘there you go’.”

Overwhelmed by Fin’s actions, “definitely one of the pupils who make teaching a rewarding profession,” Will posted a message about the experience on his Instagram page.

To his amazement the magazine commented “My word! That’s absolutely incredible Will, thanks so much for sharing on Will’s page, and then messaged him to ask if Fin would like a new skateboard.

“I said yes and within a couple of days the magazine had sent me a brand new British board with original art work to present to Fin”.

Fin is delighted with his new board. “Being at Carrick has boosted my confidence and let me be myself.” he said.  “I love skateboarding and getting this new board is going to push me to learn new tricks. Thank you to The Skateboarders Companion!”

Set up earlier this year by world renowned skateboard photographer and proud Cornishman Leo Sharp and fellow skateboard enthusiast Ryan Gray, The Skateboarder’s Companion is a new quarterly UK skateboarding magazine, which follows the traditional format of a skate magazine, with interviews, competitions, trick tips, news pages, and regular features. Available on subscription from their website –, on a limited number of copies are also available in skate stores and magazine stockists.

 “We couldn’t help but be moved by Will’s post” said Ryan Gray.  “We had only launched the magazine a few days before  and it was quite overwhelming seeing how skateboarders from all over the country were getting behind our first issue. We were inundated with messages and comments on social media, but we were taking the time to read and respond to every one”.

“Will’s post stood out. Not only was he using skateboarding as a way to reach out to his pupils, he was personally sourcing hardware to ensure that they were able to enjoy skateboarding for themselves. When I learned that Fin had shared a copy of our magazine with his teacher, I wanted to give Fin something back in return; a trade, if you like.

 After speaking to Will and discovering Fin’s setup wasn’t in the best shape, I decided to send him a brand new deck from The National Skateboard Co.”                  

“Will said the artwork on the board should mean it is hung up on a wall and admired as art, but I wholeheartedly hope that Fin trashes the thing in the process of learning kickflips."